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Before taking up an education aid offer, it is recommended to check if you are actually entitled to enter into the selection process.  Evidently most people are concerned about becoming eligible, so let’s discuss about the various requirements needed to get approved for a scholarship.  The ultimate goal is to receive affordable education to strengthen your career and professional outlook.  Ideally speaking, we should not be overly burdened with debt by the time we get out of college. Obviously the first thing to do is to find out what college scholarships are currently available.  Most certainly you will come across dozens of student aid options that fits into your individual criteria. Easily Available Scholarships

However you should focus on a few that will be worth your energy and effort! Once you have short-listed the best fellowships, it is time to do a detailed research regarding the deadlines, qualification terms, application process, approval procedure, and how to use the money received.  After learning about the features, it will be a lot easier to decide which programs you can begin to apply for.  Whether you qualify or not, always try to remain persistent and keep applying without thinking about the outcome.  Always remember- Just like everything else in life, there are no second chances!

Planning for the Future:-

Students and professionals are rewarded with either cash or attractive prizes to help pay for tuition expense.  They are usually awarded to those who are in dire need of financial support, it also depends on the overall GPA score and academic performance. Many of them are based on contest giveaways and essay writing competition. To make things faster, I suggest that you start your journey by taking advantage of this website to register for easy scholarships online.  Don’t be surprised to find some unusual and weird opportunities! Certain non-academic factors like extracurricular activities, residential location, lifestyle, and leadership skills are also evaluated in order to pick the right candidate. Additionally, there are monthly drawings for students to win extra cash for school; plus guidance to select the right programs for a successful career.

There are literally thousands of opportunities available across United States.  Further they are either sponsored by colleges (state & private), federal government, regional groups, non-profit organizations, corporate firms, and other similar institutions.  Almost each one is unique and geared to help out people that fall into a specific category of gender, race, religion, area of study, local residence, disability, special skills, talent, or expertise.

If you think you are entitled to education for one reason or the other, I bet you would end up matching something that meets your personal agenda.  So it doesn’t really matter where you come from or who you are as a person, getting a scholarship these days is a walk in the park.  Just pick the right kind and run away with a smile on your face! 

Equal Opportunity for All?

Take a step forward and harness the power of academic knowledge.  Unlike other countries around the world, we are blessed to have a lot of local and national organizations willing to provide quality educational resources.  In America, we also have the privilege to opt for financial aid or loans in order to complete graduation.  Prospective undergraduate freshmen and post graduate students should pursue further studies for securing long term professional benefits.

For all applications, you must make sure that all the details are furnished correctly (proof read) before submission. In order to win, everything must be submitted before the start of each semester in school. Some of the fellowships are awarded just once a year, so you must prepare ahead of time to solidify the probability of winning. 

No.Scholarship NameCategory TypeAmountDeadline
1CollegeSolved No More Ramen Noodles ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$1,000NA
2The ProofreadingServices.com High School and University Writing ScholarshipsOther$100NA
3'Go Ennounce Yourself' Monthly ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$500Last day of the month
4AdmissionHook.com College Essay Scholarship ContestContests$500NA
5Scholarship PointsNo Essay/Cash DrawingsVariesNA
6Scholarship ExpertsNo Essay/Cash DrawingsVariesLast day of the month
7Fast Web ScholarshipsNo Essay/Cash DrawingsVariesNA
8Scholarship ZoneNo Essay/Cash Drawings$10,000Last day of the month
9US Bank ScholarshipOtherunknownNA
10CollegeWeekLive ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$1,000NA
11Teens For JeansOther$10,000NA
12Courageous Persuaders Video ContestContestsunknownNA
13CollegeMapper’s $1,000 No Essay ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$1,000NA
14$10,000 Unigo ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$10,000NA
15First-Generation College Student $500 ScholarshipOther$500NA
16Student Scholarship of $500 September 15th - CareerFitterNo Essay/Cash Drawings$500NA
17$500 BuyVia Scholarship Award - BuyViaContests$500NA
18$500 Undergraduate Scholarship - Illinois TESOL-BEOther$5006-Jan
19Register and Win $500 from Scholarships.comNo Essay/Cash Drawings$500NA
20CollegeXpress Refer a Friend $500 Monthly ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$500NA
21Open House - $500 scholarship drawingsNo Essay/Cash Drawings$500NA
22Tyler Morning Telegraph - Students earn $500 scholarshipsOther$500NA
23Scholarships for Rural Students: $500 Blog Essay ContestContests$500NA
24Design a Shirt & Win a $500 Scholarship from Print DetectiveContests$500NA
25Pasta Tales Essay Writing ContestContests$500NA
263M AwardAward$2,500NA
27Kaplun Essay ContestContests$75017-Mar
28Word Nerd HS Essay ContestContestsunknownNA
29$2,000 No Essay ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$2,000NA
30Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation (CKSF)No Essay/Cash DrawingsVariesNA
31Sussle Scholarship January, 2016 - No Essay, Fun, EasyNo Essay/Cash Drawings$500NA
32High School and College Scholarship, No Essay, EasyNo Essay/Cash Drawings$1,000NA
33$2000 "No Essay" College Scholarship Deadline May 31No Essay/Cash Drawings$2,000NA
34The ZocDoc Generation Health ScholarshipContests$2,000NA
35Winifred Goldring AwardAwardVaries1-Oct
36Young Jazz Composer AwardsAward$500NA
37Voice of Democracy Audio Essay ContestContests$1,0001-Nov
38Vincent Astor Memorial Leadership Essay ContestContests$500NA
39Van Dyke AwardAward$4,500NA
40University Language International AwardAward$100NA
41Zinch $1,000 Weekly Scholarship - Zinch.comNo Essay/Cash Drawings$1,000NA
42Sallie Mae $1,000 Sweepstakes Official RulesNo Essay/Cash Drawings$1,000NA
43Win a $1000 "Countdown to College" ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$1,0001-May
44$1000 College Scholarship | College Students ~ I'm in!Contests$1,000NA
45Niche - $1,000 College Survey scholarshipOther$1,000NA
46$1,000 ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$1,000NA
47$1,000 Cappex Easy College Money ScholarshipNo Essay/Cash Drawings$1,000NA
48CollegeFish.org Awards Two $1,000 ScholarshipsOther$1,000NA
49Resume Campanion Bi-annual $1000 ScholarshipOther$1,000NA
502016 Spring $1,000 Scholarship for University and HighContests$1,000NA
51$1000 High School Senior Scholarship AwardContests$1,000NA
52Accepting applications for three $1,000 scholarshipsOther$1,000NA
53$1,000 Internet Security Scholarship From Digicert.comContests$1,000NA
54CenturyLinkquote.com $1000 College ScholarshipContests$1,00015-Dec
55Vida Stanton AwardAward$1,00015-Sep
56The Humanist Essay ContestContests$1,0002-Apr
57Trevecca Scholars AwardAward$2,300NA
58Tony Kobal Memorial Education Assistance AwardAward$250NA
59Teacher's Choice Award NominationAward$2,000NA
60Service AwardAward$298NA
61Scholarship Drawing for $1,000No Essay/Cash Drawings$1,00031-Mar
62Shelby Williams Fund for Excellence in Human EcologyOther$1,000NA
63Rieke Leadership AwardAward$2,00031-Jan
64Richard Roark Memorial AwardAward$200NA
65Persian Gulf Veterans Tuition AwardAwardunknownNA
66Residence Leadership AwardAward$1,500NA
67Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund for Study in a Second Official Language AwardAward$7,000NA
68Presidential Honors AwardAward$11,00015-Jul
69President's Honor AwardAward$1,0001-Mar
70Pat Parker Poetry AwardAward$250NA
71Pasta Tales Essay ContestContests$500NA
72Online Essay ContestContests$10031-Mar
73Need-Based Financial AidOtherunknownNA
74NYS Regents Award for Child of VeteranAward$450NA
75NYS Regents Award for Child of Correction OfficerAward$450NA
76Nursing Student Assistant AwardAward$2,00010-Jul
77National Peace Essay ContestContests$1,000NA
78McDonnell-Douglas MD500 Turbine TransitionOtherVaries15-Nov
79Minority Scholars AwardAward$1,000NA
80Minority Achievement AwardAward$6,850NA
81Morton Gould Young Composers AwardAward$250NA
82Mary P. Oenslager Scholastic Achievement Award (SAA)Award$1,000NA
83Marion Huber Learning Through Listening AwardAward$1,000NA
84Mary Macklanburg AwardAward$2,500NA
85Literary Essay Scholarship Competition -- HS StudentsContests$500NA
86Literary Essay Scholarship Competition -- College StudentsContests$50031-Jan
87League of Women Voters of Massachusetts Essay ContestContests$50NA
88John Lamar Cooper AwardAwardVaries1-Mar
89Law Student Essay ContestContests$1,000NA
90Jessup/McHenry AwardAwardunknown1-Mar
91James L. Allhands Essay CompetitionContestsVariesNA
92John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay ContestContests$5009-Jan
93John Howe III Essay and Poster ContestContests$250NA
94Invacare Award for Excellence in Home Respiratory CareAwardunknownNA
95John E. Skinner Memorial Fund AwardAward$50015-May
96James M. McKelvey Undergraduate Research AwardAward$5,000NA
97Invincibles' Academic Achievement AwardAward$1,500NA
98Hector Leon Garza, MD International Achievement AwardAwardunknownNA
99Jacobs Foundation AwardAward$1,000NA
100Ibn-Khaldoun Essay ContestContests$25015-Nov
101James D. Phelan Art AwardAward$2,500NA
102Hong Kong Alumni Association Entrance AwardAward$1,200NA
103Holocaust Remembrance Project Essay ContestContests$30030-Apr
104Hands 2009 Essay ContestContests$5004-Jul
105Hal Connolly Scholar Athlete AwardAward$1,0001-Feb
106GSPA Doctoral Student FundOther$1,000NA
107Gulfstream Aerospace Engineering EndowmentOther$1,500NA
108Graduate Tuition Award-Architecture and PlanningAward$750NA
109GeoEye AwardAwardunknown1-Dec
110Freshman Scholar AwardAward$8,064NA
111Forrest M. Bird, MD, PhD, ScD Lifetime Scientific Achievement AwardAwardunknown31-May
112Fountainhead Essay ContestContests$50NA
113Founders Distinguished Senior Scholar AwardAward$1,000NA
114Former Participants Essay ContestContests$5014-Mar
115Franklin C. McLean AwardAward$3,0001-Jun
116Educator AwardAwardunknownNA
117Faculty Merit AwardAward$1,500NA
118Engineering Scholars AwardOtherVaries1-Dec
119Dr. Charles H. Hudson Award for Cardiopulmonary Public HealthAwardunknownNA
120Essay Jolt ScholarshipContests$500NA
121Excellence in Student Teaching AwardAward$1,00030-Jun
122Dr. Allen DeVilbiss Literary AwardAwardunknownNA
123Edward J. Bloustein & Urban Scholars AwardOther$950NA
124Educational Achievement AwardAward$1,500NA
125Eli Lilly Travel AwardAward$5001-Dec
126Essay PrizeContests$50030-May
127Dupont Challenge/Science Essay AwardContests$100NA
128Elsa Jorgenson AwardAward$6,000NA
129Dupont Challenge-Science Essay CompetitionContests$100NA
130Douglas Haskell AwardAward$1,000NA
131Distinguished Scholar AwardAward$1,000NA
132Daniel Coe AwardsAward$6,000NA
133CU-IN-THE-CITY Incentive AwardAward$500NA
134Creative Experience AwardAward$500NA
135Civil Rights Defense Fund Youth Essay ContestContests$1001-Dec
136Candle in the Window Scholarship AwardAwardunknownNA
137Charles Walton Peace Essay ContestContests$25NA
138Awards for Study in ScandinaviaAwardVariesNA
139Briton AwardsAward$11,000NA
140Award for ExcellenceAward$1,395NA
141Atlas Shrugged Essay ContestContests$5017-Sep
142Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture's Celebrating the Creation of Architecture FundOther$1,4252-Mar
143ASM Outstanding Scholars AwardAward$2,0001-May
144Architecture and Planning Dean's Scholars AwardAward$500NA
145APS Minority Travel Fellowship AwardsAward$1,500NA
146APA Colorado AwardAward$500NA
147AnyCollege.com Graduate ScholarshipAward$2,00031-Dec
148Anthem Essay ContestContests$30NA
149Americanism Essay ContestContests$2,000NA
150Alumni Excellence Award (National)AwardVariesNA
151American Legion Americanism Essay ContestContests$10012-Feb
152Akron Advantage Gold AwardAwardunknownNA
153Akron Advantage Blue AwardAwardunknownNA
154Alumni Merit AwardAward$1,50031-Jan
155American Society of Naval Engineers AwardAward$2,50015-Feb
156All-USA College Academic Team AwardAward$2,50012-Dec
157Admissions AwardAward$500NA
158Academic Merit AwardAward$4,000NA
159Academic Entrance AwardAward$500NA
160Academic Achievement AwardsAward$2,000NA
1614-H Essay ContestContests$501-Mar
162'Dream Deferred' Essay Contest on Civil Rights in the MideastContests$50031-Jan

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