Scholarship Opportunity for Foster Kids


Kids who have been in and out of foster homes throughout their lives often feel as though they’ll never be able to afford college. However, there are many scholarship opportunities available for youngsters who have been adopted, along with those who are in a special caring system.

Many fellowships are either sponsored by a large company, an organization or foundation, or they’re created by families and friends in honor of a particular family member or influential person. However, when it comes to college scholarships for children who’ve been in a foster house, many of them are offered through the particular university, and may be made eligible for a very specific set of people. For example, the UNCW Jack Pollock Scholarship is awarded by the University of North Carolina – Wilmington and it’s available for incoming freshmen students who have graduated from the Lake Waccamaw Boys and Girls Home who plan on attending UNCW.

National Organization Funds

The U.S. Department’s Health & Human Services Administration for Children & Families division also offers a lot of information about how to receive college grants for adopted kids, and teens who have been removed from their biological parents and placed with a social service agency or foster family. They provide links to education grants provided by organizations such as The National Voice of Foster Parents, Care to Success, and the National Foster Parent Association.

The NFPA has created internal resources on their own, especially NFPA Youth Scholarship, along with other rewards offered by the International Student Foundation and the Horatio Alger Scholarship. They also provide a list of websites that offer other funding relief to adopted children.

The Orphan Foundation of America Foster Care to Success runs three different fellowships, The Casey Family Scholars Program, The Casey Family Services Alumni, and The Sponsored Program. Since 2000, Care to Success has provided over $10 million through their Casey Family funds, helping 1,200 former residents. Their awardees also hold some impressive stats; they have a 61% college completion rate, which is ten times greater as compared to others. Additionally, their graduation rate is almost three times greater than the national average for independent, non-traditional students.

State Specific Opportunities

Various states have special grant-in-aid programs set up for adopted children as well. AASK (Adopt A Special Kid) is a great organization in California. They sponsor the Dorothy & Robert DeBolt Scholarship, which is an academic award offered to Californian youth who were adopted from an orphanage. First place winners receive $2,000 – $3,000. Often times, smaller runner-up and honorable mentions are also awarded. Similarly, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation offers the Kansas Adoptive Children Fund. This particular one is open to any student who is currently, or was previously, in foster care in the state of Kansas.

Young-ones who have been in the orphaned care system, either at birth or at some point during their youth, often deal with hardships that most students don’t face. Whether a kid’s dream is to be an architect designing New York City high-rises, or be the person operating the CAT skit steer loader at the building site, every child deserves the chance to receive a higher education. If you’re looking for information about scholarships for adopted children in your state then contact your local Adoption Specialist. This particular site also provides an organized list of state-specific foster child scholarships and tuition waiver programs.

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