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Are you a woman over the age of 30 who’s considering going back to school, but you’re afraid, confused, and worried that the financial strain is going to be too hard on your family? Returning back to college is pretty scary. Starting college for a recent undergraduate is scary enough, but for adults who’s been out of school for decades and isn’t used to being in a learning setting is a lot more intimidating.  So the thought of sitting again in a classroom can be terrifying.  However, returning to school is not something that most people regret.

There are many reasons people decide to go back to university. Perhaps you weren’t able to afford tuition fees when you were graduating high-school, or you were too racked up in debt from earning your Bachelor’s degree to continue into grad program. Perhaps you wanted to start a family right after high-school or undergrad. Maybe you decided to use your undergrad degree to find a job with a company who would provide tuition reimbursement. Some people weren’t able to attend college due to personal family matters, such as a loved one entering a long term rehab or being diagnosed with a medical illness. Others still have realized at some point in their lives that they aren’t working in the right field and in order to change careers they need to pursue a completely different degree than what they went to school for many moons ago.

Whatever the case may be, there is career guidance and financial help available for adult students – especially if you’re an older woman

The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship

Can you imagine our world without a woman?

This program was created in memory of Jeannette Rankin. Jeannette was the first female elected to the United States Congress and a strong fighter for women’s rights. The grant is awarded every year and the amount offered is determined by the foundation’s resources and student’s individual need. Since 1975, the Jeanette Rankin Scholarships Fund has awarded over $2 million to more than 700 students.

In order to be eligible, you must be a woman who’s 30 years of age or older with a low income that meets the lower living standards of the U.S. Department of Labor. You should be enrolled at a regional or ACICS accredited university, and pursing your first bachelor’s or associate’s degree, or a technical or vocational education. All applicants must also be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.

This is one of the simplest fellowships to apply for; all you require is the application form, official transcript, and two letters of recommendation.

The Shirley HodenHelBerg Grants for Mature Women

The purpose behind this scholarship is to promote professionalism in art, music, and letters, while also inspiring females to pursue a higher education. The National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) sponsors this award throughout the year.

Annually, a total of $3,000 is split between three chosen winners, one for each of the categories the scholarship intends to promote: art, music, and letters. The recipients are awarded $1,000 each. Additionally, all winners will receive a two-year honorary membership into the League. Recipients of this award should be female U.S. citizens who are aged 35 years or older.

Be warned, a more niche-oriented college scholarships will have much more in-depth application requirements than the general awards. Letters applicants must submit a 3,000 word manuscript in the form of either three poems, an article, a television script, a drama, a chapter of a novel, an essay, or a short story.

Art applicants must submit either three paintings or drawings, pictures of sculptures you’ve created, or black and white or color photographs. Music students must submit two 3-minute-long performance compositions, and a separate 5-minute-long performance.

The Sophie Greenstadt Scholarship for Women (Mid-Life)

Los Angeles, California sponsors this scholarship, which was created by The National Council of Jewish Women. Religion has nothing to do with being eligible for this fund, however, so keep reading. Their main purpose is to encourage girls to re-join school in order to gain the skills and career they need to become financially independent.

It is is open to women 35 years old or older who are residents or attend university in the Greater Los Angeles area in California, which includes Orange and Ventura counties. Neither marital status nor amount of children is an issue while applying for this aid. If you qualify, the award offers up to $1,000 for college education.

All applicants must demonstrate their need for financial aid or money for education, as well as write an essay related to their personal goals and ambitions, and the personal courage and commitment they have towards attaining those goals.  Crossing the age of thirty is definitely not the end of world. Stay positive, as you are the sole creator of your own destiny!

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