Scholarships for Older Women Returning to College


Middle age is the time when people look back at their past accomplishments’ and see how they can go ahead in the future. Many adults usually think that returning to school is not for them at this particular phase in their lives. As we all knew the famous old saying, “Better late than Never”. Investing in educating yourself would never be a bad investment at all.

Women who crossed the age of 50 years or older might have experienced many role changes according to circumstances in their lifetime. They may feel the need to continue higher education as it creates opportunities to benefit from those additional grades plus the confidence to go ahead in their lives. In the course of time they have accumulated experience which is often not found in young people though.

If you are married and have kids, you will need to secure your child’s education along with yours as well. Individuals can approach any of the child support agencies. You can contact them through child support phone number which would be displayed on their website. Now you can plan for your academic goals without having to bother about anything.Education Aid for Women

There are several college scholarships for women over 50 who want to pursue further studies. These fellowships help them cover not only their tuition costs and examination fee but also provides money for their stationary, books and any other expenses which are necessary for college.  You should also consider entering into scholarship essay contests or monthly cash drawings as part of your strategy.  Just visit this specific site to give yourself an opportunity to win free money along with some educational guidance.

P.E.O. Program for continuing Education:

P.E.O. stands for Philanthropic Educational Organization. It has its chapters throughout the United States. It awards $3000 to women who are in dire need of money to go back to school. All the applicants must have a record of being a non-student 24 months prior to applying for this particular fellowship.

SWE Scholarships:

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) sponsors many females/girls who would like to pursue an engineering degree. They offer $2000 through BK Krenzer Memorial Fund and $1500 through the Olive Lynn Salem-bier foundation. They are well known for providing guidance to help obtain financial assistance.

AARP Women’s Scholarship:

AARP started sponsoring both men earning low-income and household mothers for their education who are fifty years old from 2007 onwards. They award funds ranging from $500 to $5000. Every person who is awarded the scholarship is mentored by trained professionals for a year.

There are additional options such as Talbots Scholarship Program, Emerge Education Grants for college, EWI ASIT, etc. A lot of adult students who are in their fifties and sixties are looking for a change in their career in the second half of their lives. This can help you change your mundane routine and take you to higher grounds.

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